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Rial alloy wheels

30-year experience of producing light allow wheels gives Rial Company the right to be named one of the best manufacturers not only in Germany but in the whole Europe. The brand has become popular due to its high quality and manufacturing technologies. Rial brand puts emphasize not only on design but also safety of its products. There is a range of winter alloy wheels that ensure safety in extreme conditions.

Quality standards and manufacturing process

Engineers of Rial conduct testing on all stages of manufacturing process. Each wheel produced by Rial is the result of modern furnaces, casting, CNC processing centres, and x-ray tests. Rial applies only the best standards of manufacturing, which include chromium-free pre-treatment, water-soluble coating, and clear acryl varnishing. It is worth noting that Rial alloy wheels correspond to all requirements and standards of German federal motor transport authority.

Rial alloy wheels prices

When searching on the internet for the best prices for Rial wheels, take a look on offers in online shops. As a matter of fact, online shops usually have batter prices. Moreover, some of the shops have online calculator and search systems that search for the best offers and select the best options for your vehicle.

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