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Conservative Alloy rims - modern and innovative

Subtly is another brand of aftermarket accessories company Alcar headquartered in the Sauerland. The Conservative aluminum wheels are characterized especially by a fresh, modern and yet timeless wheel design. Not only because of the versatility of the Conservative rims these are extremely popular with car owners. The brand "Conservative" itself conveys a fresh, young and innovative flair. Naturally Conservative aluminum wheels are also in the extensive range of rims of Tyres.NET .

Nano technology in the advanced wheel manufacturer Conservative

The design of the Conservative alloy wheels is definitely noticeable. The multi-beam, often asymmetrical Conservative aluminum wheels, which are available not only in silver, but also in black finish, convey class and individuality. Here Alcar uses as with other brands of the group even when the Conservative aluminum wheels partially the new modern nanolack technology. In addition to eye-catching design gets the car owner so that a large Mowing comfort at hand. Usually sparingly soluble dirt such as aggressive brake dust can be easily removed at the Conservative aluminum wheels.

High standards of safety and quality

As with all Alcar Auto Accessories products plays an extraordinary level of quality even when Subtly a prominent role. Even the suppliers is demanded certification according to current standards, so that only materials for the production of a DIN ISO aluminum wheels are used that meet the high quality requirements of the rim manufacturer. Of course, also closes the aluminum wheels manufacturers themselves also not these quality requirements. So Subtle alloy wheels are not only certified to DIN ISO, also are numerous stress tests with the rims carried out before they are released for sale. Of course, this also includes diverse and extensive tests at TÜV rim.

With Subtle rims of car owners is always good. Thanks to the technology at the rim finish already used nano partly own the rims of Conservative also excellently as rims for winter tyres. In addition a very attractive price-performance ratio, the hurdles Conservative sets high, so that even competitors must be judged. Not to mention the modern, sporty design that gives each vehicle the personal touch.

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