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CW Alloy rims - popular rim design "Made in Germany"

CW aluminum wheels have long been a fixture on the aluminum wheels market . This is not surprising, the company CW since 1989 belongs to vehicle technology but already world famous and prestigious aluminum wheels manufacturer Borbet . Because in that year the German company Borbet had taken over the wheel manufacturer. Therefore CW aluminum wheels are often offered as "Borbet CW" alloy wheels.

CW alloy wheels are part of the renowned Borbet Group

Especially for owners of SUVs and SUVs CW is a fixed term. So there are true classics among his CW wheel designs for off-road vehicles, SUVs and crossover models. This is not by chance since there are now already since ten years between the rim manufacturer from Neuching near Munich and the known especially in the off-road scene tyre manufacturer General tyre cooperation agreements. Therefore, can also be found in motorsport disciplines such as in rally events often CW aluminum wheels with tyres of the combination of General tyre.

For SUVs and SUVs as an attractive offer

This in turn benefits the consumer because CW alloy wheels are characterized subjected to extreme tests. Besides SUVs and SUVs of course there are also a wide range of CW wheels for conventional cars. Other priorities are campers, vans and commercial vehicles. The range of offered rim sizes ranges from 15 until 22 inches . In addition, the demands placed Borbet se, the subsidiary CW aluminum wheels and vehicle technology at least as high. A DIN ISO certification and numerous stress tests at TÜV but also internally, therefore, a matter of course for the Bavarian rim manufacturer.

In addition to the modern, yet timeless design, it is especially the excellent and attractive price-performance ratio, appreciate what car owners and tuning fans. And the design of the CW aluminum wheels has to offer something for every type of car owners - too demanding of the classic 5-beam aluminum rim over the already mentioned massive SUV and SUV wheels, which give these vehicles until the right character, through acting and filigree CW -4 aluminum wheels, which are optional to order in classic silver or modern black.


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