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The innovative range of aluminum wheels Cms

The high quality assortment of aluminum wheels Cms convincing innovations and individuality. Sporting and creative designs of high quality distinguish the product range. The different styles affect each customer group. Sporty, ornate, elegant or extravagant, Cms aluminum wheels are available for all claims and flavors in large selection. This allows the customer to bring your own style in her car directly expressed. The extensive range, there is here in terms of price staggering.

Production and use in various market segments

The company generated through its various innovations in recent years with great success. Over seven million annually Cms aluminum wheels produced. These are used and sold in the accessories area and retrofit sector. For the initial installation on ribbon Cms aluminum wheels by many famous car manufacturers also be used directly. These include, for example, Bentley, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Seat, Toyota and Volkswagen. For the various cars, vans and limousines the Cms aluminum wheels are manufactured precisely.

The special material benefits of Cms alloy wheels

Aluminum other metals has largely been replaced in recent decades. This has several reasons. Certain aluminum alloys reach the same physical properties as the best steel. Hardness, tensile and compressive properties are steel alloys thus in no more after. Cms aluminum wheels but have other advantages relating to the corrosion. Aluminum already is formed at the air, a natural oxide film which protects the underlying material optimally. Certain anodising this protective layer can be easily amplified. In contrast to other possibilities for the corrosion protection, the layer of aluminum is not applied coating which might flake off. When Eloxalvorgang Cms rims this layer penetrates into the interior of the material and is a natural part of the aluminum. Immediately after anodising also superior color effects can be achieved in baths with metal salts, which give the alloy wheels Cms a special touch.

In Cms aluminum wheels meet innovation, successively a wide range and high quality standards by the best materials.

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