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Autec - aluminum wheels for high performance

The alloy rims Autec be thanks to the innovative design, the high quality and the coherent value ratios all customer requirements. Who wants to be stylish on the road, find under Autec a wide range of coveted Autec Alloy wheels.

High quality and innovative

Worldwide delight alloy wheels made by Autec popular. No wonder they convince but next to a very attractive design with excellent performance. In classic silver, fashionable anthracite or front polished black held, every motorist is also extremely stylish way. Available are Autec Alloy wheels in all standard sizes (from 13 inches to 20 inches), and for almost all offsets and bolt patterns. The wide choice on Autec every customer is met. Thanks to the low weight, the Autec Alloy wheels also allow better braking and acceleration performance compared to steel wheels. The smaller weight of the unsprung mass also contributes to a more comfortable ride with at. Autec Alloy wheels feature thanks to a special heat treatment after casting also has a high Radfestigkeit, the high thermal conductivity of aluminum also contributes to an improved brake cooling with at.

Experience for about 25 years

The company Autec was founded in 1988 as a subsidiary of the renowned Südrad car wheels GmbH. Soon, Autec was as a manufacturer of high-quality aluminum wheels make for motor vehicles a name. The innovative wheel design, a consistent storage, a comprehensive and sophisticated quality control system and the latest production techniques arise in the production facility in Mutterstadt quality products, which are appreciated by customers all over the world. Furthermore, the Autec Alloy wheels, which can be found on Autec, certified by TÜV and KBA. Already during the production process in-house design and engineering department ultramodern programs are used, by means of which the maximum load and the optimal weight can be accurately calculated even before the actual production. This also contributes to the high quality of Autec Alloy wheels with.

Innovative and high quality - no wonder that Autec Alloy wheels are so coveted. Thanks to comprehensive control and advanced technologies, the light-alloy wheels made by Autec can meet the highest standards, thus contributing to an unadulterated driving pleasure with at.

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