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16 inch alloys

16 inch alloy wheels can be made from different techniques to perform different functions. The result of one such endeavor is the Multi piece rim. These rims are made of two or three components that connect together to construct a complete rim. The three components which the rim comprises of are the center forging, outer barrel, and inner barrel joined together with the help of assembly bolts.

Thanks to the construction the width of the rim can be adjusted without changing tyres. So the same rim can be used to fit on snow and summer tyres. The adjustability means the rim can cater to quite a number of different tyres.

Where to Buy 16 inch alloys?

16 inch alloys can be bought online or from a wheel store. Going to a wheel store is a better idea because they can help you get a better deal for the money. As these guys are working with rims and tyres day in and day out the expertise they have are undeniable.

16 inch aluminum wheels can be sourced the same way. Most original equipment rims are either aluminum or steel. This means that replacements will be easy to find. Custom rims, on the other hand, are at the more expensive end, and replacement parts are harder to come by, but the unit as a whole can be replaced.

Going through sites online can help you find cheap 16 inch alloy wheels faster. Even though the online site is not the most trusted source, there are some sites that devote a great investment in insuring customer satisfaction.

16 Inch Alloy wheels Price

16 inch alloy wheels price depends on many different factors starting with the make and model. The price of rim varies from one manufacturer to another. Besides this, the condition of the rim will be taken into account. On the price scale, the lowest would be a refurbished rim, a new rim at the center, and a custom rim at the top.

16 aluminum wheels have the same story. By comparison, alloy and aluminum wheels prices are very close to one another. The function of the wheels is evenly matched with the biggest difference being weight. The difference in composition translates to differences in performance as well. Alloys are better suited for performance and racing around corners while aluminum wheels are better suited for use on the highway; going long distances and better impact absorption.

The last price deciding factor is the width of the wheel. Even with the same wheel size just a few millimeters change in width can drastically increase or decrease the price. Here you should be asking yourself if you are getting the rims for the tyres or the tyres for the rim.

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