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14 inch alloy wheels

14 inch alloy wheels will be most commonly seen on hatchbacks and smaller cars. The wheels are selected as the engine capacity on smaller cars is less which will cause the engine to do more work to get the tyres rolling. A smaller wheel makes for a lighter wheel too, the biggest hurdle in the way is that most places stock wheels for sedans and larger car so having a small old car can be frustrating.

Which one to Buy, Refurbished or New

Just because 14 inch aluminum wheels are smaller does not mean they are cheaper. As with all wheel sizes, the price differs even within the same diameter. So, one way to save money is by using refurbished wheels or getting your wheels refurbished. Failure of a wheel can be caused by the wheel nuts snapping while the rest of the wheel was working properly. In the stated scenario the wheel did not make it, but the failure is attributed to a lazy owner and not the wheel itself. While new wheels will make you dish out cash think of it as a long-term investment.

14 Inch Alloy Wheels Pricing

Between 14 inch alloys and 14 aluminum wheels the cheaper will be the aluminum wheel. While being cheaper, it is less prone to deforming. Alloy wheels are lighter, and one of the reasons is using less metal while retaining the strength. As alloy wheels were once exclusive to the most expensive vehicles, they still retain some of that exclusivity because of their price.

Aluminum wheels don’t help the fuel economy of the car, instead lowers it. if you think a slightly heavy wheel does not make that big of a difference multiply the weight by four. So the difference in the weighing of a set of aluminum wheels and alloys will be quite noticeable.

From a performance point of view, the tyres fitted onto the wheel have more to do with performance than the rim. The rim helps to get the performance by being light and evenly distributing the weight of the car so saving on wheels, you can put the cash into getting better tyres.

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