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Rim manufacturers Anzio

Anzio Wheels is an emerging innovative German company of Uniwheels group, which is part of the leading manufacturers of aluminum wheels in the industry. A look at the range of products is not only worthwhile for tuning and racing fans.

High-quality aluminum wheels for car Friends

The competent company specializes in the production of high-quality aluminum rims specialized. Best service and excellent quality are the motto of Anzio rims. The light-alloy wheels "Made in Germany" impress with clear design and enjoy a growing popularity in both car enthusiasts and as well as in the tuning scene. The well-structured range of Anzio rim provides for any make and any car type high-end rims at a compelling price. Nevertheless, even if the wheel range of Anzio Wheels directed to tuning and motor sport fans, as it affects not exaggerated. The RIM exudes a freshness and sportsmanship, enthusiasm for the also normal car owners. So much so that readers of "auto-illustrated" the ANZIO RACER rim selected on the 2nd place.

Dynamic and customer friendly - Anzio Internet Portal

Quality, not quantity applies at Anzio Wheels not for RIM, but in the entyre image of the company on the Internet, which is just as well-structured. Dynamic and customer friendly customers and interested parties can search the company's product, inform yourself or order where appropriate. Many new features provide good service in a modern look. convinced Again Anzio rims so much that they chose Premio traders in 2008 on the manufacturer at No. 1 with the best service.

A wheel manufacturer from Germany, you should look at in greater detail in the categories of reliability, quality, service and price.

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