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Uniroyal Rallye 380 - comfortable ride thanks to high performance

With the Uniroyal Rallye 380 gives a true- wets , which once again confirms the reputation of the manufacturer in an impressive manner.

Low risk of aquaplaning and excellent braking performance

The Uniroyal Rallye 380 also provides a rainy days an excellent mileage. No wonder this model is made ​​by Uniroyal but provided with an elaborately designed tread pattern, whose numerous zigzag grooves all bodies of water can then effectively absorb and dissipate very quickly. Thanks to this considerable safety reserves also the risk of aquaplaning holds largely limited, so even short braking distances are possible on wet roads. Add to that the high mileage and low rolling resistance of the Uniroyal Rallye 380, which makes the tyre very economical. For comfortable ride the easy handling of the Uniroyal Rallye 380 is responsible, so that even the most demanding motorists certainly will be satisfied.

Uniroyal - the recognized expert rain

The tyre manufacturer Uniroyal applies not only among experts as a recognized specialist in the rain. No wonder disclose all models but even from heavy snowfall and slippery road conditions excellent runnability on the day, so you have to compromise in terms of comfort and safety at all times. This is made ​​possible by the high quality and innovative technologies, with which all the tyres from Uniroyal are equipped. The wide range of models, you can also expect to find a suitable tyre for his vehicle, which corresponds to their own wishes and ideas to a large extent.

With the Uniroyal Rallye 380 gives a running strong and reliable summer tyres, which also heavy precipitation or smooth road surfaces can not harm. Responsible for this is the sophisticated profile of this model, which is characterized in addition to a fast and efficient drainage with a low rolling resistance and an easy and precise handling.

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