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Uniroyal RainExpert

Are you worried about your drive in the rainy season? Forget all the worries and install our high quality Uniroyal RainExpert. You will love the rain during drives. This tyre offers an ideal comfort and exceptional aquaplaning, short braking distance on both dry and wet roads, and low rolling resistance on the way. These fantastic promises from this tyre make it a wonderful product for those who live in the regions and areas with heavy annual rainfall.   


Technical side of Uniroyal RainExpert is wonderfully innovative and up-to-date. Its flow-optimized asymmetrical pattern combines the directional and asymmetric concepts. It has a tread structure based on the skin of a shark. This tread has been designed to minimize the water turbulence and it disperses the water from the tread more quickly to ensure smooth drive without any fear. High level protection against aquaplaning! Aren’t these features wonderful for your drive in rainy season?

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