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Uniroyal MS PLUS 77

The new winter tyres Uniroyal MS plus 77 offers additional safety on cold, wet roads, snow and ice. Thanks to new technologies applied to the design and tread compound ensures optimal traction on roads in wintry conditions, greater protection against the risk of aquaplaning and short spaces of stop.
Uniroyal, specializing in rain tyres, presents for the coming winter the new MS plus 77. Thanks to new and innovative technical features for driving at low temperatures, wet, ice and snow, the new winter tyre for passenger cars and SUVs offers increased safety compared to its popular predecessor, the MS plus 66.
Uniroyal MS plus 77 debut with approvals from 190 to 240 km/h in 52 sizes, including 46 different measures for passenger cars with circles of diameter 15 to 18 inches and sections comprised between 65% and 40%. There are six other measures for the circles of SUV with diameter from 16 to 18 inches and sections comprised between 70% and 55%.
Performance in wet conditions
The crucial question for rain tyres is to drain the water from the impression of contact. MS plus 77 at a speed of 80 km/h eliminates about 25 litters of water per second at this rate an ordinary bathtub would fill up in six seconds. With this ability of water evacuation, the new winter tyre reduces the risk of aquaplaning. In this it also helps the typical profile unidirectional V Uniroyal, which effectively promotes the elimination of water. Due to the arrow shape, and descending to the wide open grooves, the water flows more quickly from the impression of contact.

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