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Uniroyal Rain Max - convincing in every respect

The renowned tyre manufacturer Uniroyal is known for its high-quality models. The Uniroyal Rain Max he now presents a powerful summer tyre which is convincing in every respect.

Efficient water evacuation and improved handling

The Uniroyal Rain Max proves not only when it rains as a safe and reliable companion. Equipped with a dart-like groove structure and three wide circumferential grooves, all the water is absorbed rapidly and avoided dangerous turbulence in the grooves. In addition, the features Uniroyal summer tyre over a large number of stiffeners, which are located in the lateral grooves. Thus, the longitudinal stiffness of the profile and the number of fins is increased again and the driver can benefit from particularly short braking distances on dry asphalt and on wet surfaces. The very oblique grooves outlet also optimized cornering stability is ensured for a particularly high transverse rigidity and thus for improved handling and.

Uniroyal - the rain expert from Belgium

Passenger car tyre made ​​by Uniroyal have always been of a particularly high quality and excellent runnability. Meanwhile, the brand has become synonymous with rain tyres and offers a wide range of models, such as from the popular RainSport series on. Since 1979, the Belgian company is part of the internationally operating Continental AG and can benefit in this context of the considerable expertise of well-known German company. There are now a wide range of different tyres for the summer and for winter, covering all needs and desires of the customers to a great extent.

The Uniroyal Rain Max proves usual high and high performance tyre that is safe and comfortable, even in adverse road and weather conditions on the road. This is made possible by the sophisticated tread pattern which consists among others of a high number of sipes and grooves. This ensures a particularly rapid water drainage and for a superior handling.

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