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Uniroyal Tyres History

In 1868 Oscar Englebert, a former Belgian artillery officer began selling rubber goods in a small shop he opened in Liege. Knowing there was great potential for this water resistant, versatile material. Oscar’s son, Oscar Jr, began experimenting with tyres for bicycles and horse drawn buggies. Englebert then expanded into manufacturing car tyres. This was one of the first tyre companies in Europe. They then developed motor racing tyres and were successfully known for the historic win at the Le Mans. It was the first tyre that didn’t need to be replaced during a 24 hour race. In 1914, Uniroyal began, with the development of a zig zag tyre tread pattern. In the late 1950’s the company was named Uniroyal Englebert. Within 10 years the brand was renamed Uniroyal. Although the Uniroyal tyres price has increased from the early years of conception, you can still find cheap Uniroyal tyres pricing. 

Discover the Quality you Will Receive With the Uniroyal Tyres Price

Uniroyal was the first tyre manufacturing company to produce the “rain tyre”. This water deflecting tyre was produced using a directional V shaped tread. The biomimicry used to develop the shark skin technology makes the best uniroyal tyres. Uniroyal has received the Red Dot Design Award for their amazing tyre designs. 

When You Buy Uniroyal Tyres You are Buying a Brand of Continental Tyres

Whether you choose to buy Uniroyal tyres online or from a brick and mortar store, you will be looking for the best price on Uniroyal tyres. Shopping for tyres can be a challenge for many people. There are so many things to take into consideration. For most people, budget is the first deciding factor when shopping for the best price on Uniroyal tyres. What type of tyres do you need. Do you need all season? Summer tyres? Winter Tyres? Heavy duty tyres? Brand new tyres? Or can you get away with a good set of used Uniroyal tyres. Most people when they begin their hunt for Uniroyal tyres look for Uniroyal tyres offers. Many offers can be found online by looking at a website like ours. We can find you the best deals to be had at amazing prices on new and used Uniroyal tyres. We do your comparison shopping for you. Shopping for Uniroyal tyres has never been easier. We provide a direct link to the cheapest sellers for your convenience. We do all the research for you. 

What Type of Uniroyal Tyres are Available?

Uniroyal brand tyres were first constructed for wet road driving conditions. They have amazing water reflecting abilities with their unique tread pattern designs. There are many RainExpert models and sizes when choosing a summer tyre. Uniroyal also produces RainSport model tyres. Make sure you choose the right tyre for the right season. Summer tyres perform best in warm weather conditions. All season tyres provide optimized performance in warm weather and can perform well in moderate winter conditions. Winter tyres provide safety performance in severe cold weather winter conditions.

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