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Kumho Solus KH21 Four is a good all-season tyres

Kumho Solus KH21 is a four tyres Kumho Solus Vier series, the Korean manufacturer Kumho has brought as weather tyres on the market. As van all season tyres is necessary with the Kumho Solus Vier KH21 not twice changing tyres for winter and spring. The series includes tyre sizes with widths between 145 up to 225 mm and rim diameter of 13 to 16 inches. These different widths and diameters, the Kumho Solus KH21 is four for cars in the compact and middle class .

A tyre for all weather conditions

Kumho Solus KH21 Four presents itself as a quality tyre with reinforced carcass. Furthermore, the manufacturer for the Kumho Solus KH21 has four special silica compound selected so that the tyres dry pavement, wet or wintry conditions always shows a good handling. His winter performance has provided four KH21 in tests repeatedly demonstrated the Kumho Solus. Kumho Solus KH21 Four features like a winter tyre with a M + S approval and the snowflake symbol.

Good driving characteristics properties with a cheap, wear-resistant tyres

Kumho Solus KH21 By Four Korean manufacturer supplies Kumho for cheap all-season tyres, but in which no expense has been spared safety and driving comfort. So the Kumho Solus Vier KH21 ensures in any weather good grip. The profile of the tread is able to cope with heavy rain and is a good protection against aquaplaning. Kumho Solus KH21 Four is designed for a long service life and therefore has a relatively low wear. With reduced rolling noise of the Kumho Solus Vier KH21 also offers the necessary comfort.

Who convenient, comfortable and safe would go without tyre change throughout the year, which has four KH21 met the cheap Kumho Solus the right choice.

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