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Kumho Road Venture APT KL51 Tyres

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Kumho KL51

Kumho KL51 is a special highway tyre designed particularly for vans and sport utility vehicles. This right actor for all seasons offers high mileage with low noise. Offering good traction on both wet and dry conditions, the tyre responds precisely to the brakes and steering. With the ability to control the vehicle without losing control, increases the driving comfort even at high speeds. By providing a driving stabilized with improved performance and reduced risk of aquaplaning, this Kumho is perfectly modern mounted as Original Equipment (OE) on ATVs, SUVs and vans. With much reduced noise, this economical player is available in ranges "P-metric" and vans. The tyre with speed index Q, S, T, H, V and ranked in the UTQG system performs well in both paved and unpaved road. Finally, the drawing of its tread, with two broad ribs along with the centre rib offers stable driving experience by increasing the contact brand of the tyre. The technically designed tyre is a powerful player.

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