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Kumho CRUGEN HP91 Tyres

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Kumho Crugen HP91 Tyre

The tyres from Kumho are highly sophisticated in terms of technology and construction. Kumho Crugen HP91 tyre is one of the most popular from the brand. The features that make this tyre sell like hot cakes are improving the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and improved manoeuvrability. The HP91 is highly effective on both wet and dry surfaces, and its construction only involves a strong rubber.

Wet Responsiveness of Tyre Kumho Crugen HP91

Kumho has engineered this tyre top-quality wet clearance mechanism that drains the water away from the surface of the tyre during heavy downpours. It also increases the responsiveness of the braking system in the wet.

Fuel Efficiency and Price Advantage

As the tyre Kumho Crugen HP91 is designed for maximum gripping ability, your vehicle will accelerate with better speeds. The tyre will take the load off from the engine and will make it light. When the engine is not pushing hard for acceleration, it doesn’t consume fuel, which is the case in the HP91 tyre.

Kumho has designed the HP91 tyre to provide the consumers with a maximum value of their money. You are not only getting so many features in this tyre, but you will also not have to spend a lot to acquire it. The Crugen HP91 is affordable but highly functions tyre.

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