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Kumho KW27 Izen - the High Performance winter tyres from the latest generation

The Kumho KW27 Izen of known manufacturers from Korea presented a high-quality car winter tyres , which is even at extremely low temperatures and on snow and ice safely.

Perfect grip and excellent hydroplaning properties

This Kumho winter tyres designed specifically for vehicles from the middle and upper class. Also for sports cars Kumho KW27 Izen is perfect and provides with its numerous excellent running a fully convincing overall performance. This is ensured by the asymmetrical tread design and three-dimensional sipes which ensure even on snow and ice for a perfect grip. So the motorists enjoys a secure because understeering driving behavior even in adverse weather conditions. The danger of aquaplaning does not need to be feared with Kumho KW27 Izen: This guarantees optimal water drainage, which is given due to the special tyre structure. In addition, the Kumho KW27 Izen is level with fitted low rolling resistance tread compound of silica, which is derived from the latest generation and driving comfort increased again considerably.

Kumho KW27 Izen - a success exports from South Korea

The manufacturer Kumho was founded in 1960 and one in particular in the Asian market to the main producers of high-quality tyres. Over the years the company from Seoul was more and more to expand and take on the US and on the European continent foot. Especially popular are the tyres from Kumho due to their high quality and coherent price-performance ratio, the excel all models. Also known as original equipment manufacturers of major brands Kumho occurs in Release: To be in Germany, among other Mercedes-Benz, VW and Opel their newly developed vehicles with tyres from Kumho equip.

The Kumho KW27 Izen need no longer fear extreme winter condition. Because of this tyre has excellent handling characteristics as a perfect grip and a high driving stability even on snow and ice.

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