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Goodyear tyres by numerous people estimated

Goodyear tyre is a brand that has almost every car owner in the art. The American company is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world and convinces through outstanding tyre models, whose quality is appreciated by many people. The excellent use of various models ensures fun for the quiet and sporty driving style.

The increasing driving pleasure

The company's history began in the US state of Ohio. Seiberling produced in his small holding tubes for bicycle tyres and other products. Determined Americans made it very fast to set up more branches and to become one of the most important tyre manufacturers in the world. Today the successful company owns 70 production cities in which more than 70,000 employees in the manufacture of Goodyear tyres are responsible. Numerous successes in motorsport helped them to attain a high status. Whether small car, midsize car or executive car with a Goodyear tyre increases the driving pleasure on different road surfaces.

Goodyear tyres included High Performance

Goodyear offers optimum solutions which can be adapted to the individual needs and desires of a motorist. Goodyear tyres for cars, 4x4 and light truck available. Due to the high performance of the tyre provide poor road conditions is not a problem. Effective tread compounds that enable even on wet roads short braking distances. The new summer tyre "Efficient Grip Compact" produces a low rolling resistance, thus reducing fuel consumption. Goodyear Vector 5 plus or Eagle Vector EV2 plus are all season tyres that promise excellent grip due to its special construction in winter and summer.

In a mature Goodyear is a 100 years of experience, which is driven with a lot of research effort. A look at various reviews of ADAC or Stiftung Warentest explains consumers quickly that these tyres compared to other manufacturers, such as Fulda a high quality factor is included. The tyre models are always in the front positions and to combine durability and good braking and other features which guarantee greater safety in road traffic.

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