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Yokohama S Drive AS01

Yokohama tyres convincing quality workmanship and good mileage. The sporty designed tyres Yokohama S Drive AS01 allows the driver to keep his vehicle in every situation under control. This tyre shows excellent properties on winding country roads and on the highway at the same time.

Yokohama S Drive AS01 - the S stands for sportiness

Almost all Japanese tyre manufacturers are intensely active in motorsport and involved in the development of high-performance tyres. The brands Yokohama and Bridgestone foremost. Particularly Yokohama, one of the oldest tyre manufacturers in Japan, invested heavily in the development of tyres for racing. The experience acquired to come later in the production of car tyres. Therefore, it is no wonder that tyres as the Yokohama S Drive AS01 show an outstanding performance on various tests. This model is one of the safest tyre that offers the Japanese traditional brand currently. For drivers with a sporty character, this tyre is a good solution to connect safety and driving pleasure. The comfort is of course not.

Safe handling and high cornering grip

A good grip on winding roads is for passionate motorists probably the most important. Only in this way the vehicle can be controlled precisely and safely. Yokohama S Drive AS01 is specifically designed for driving on winding country roads and correspondingly tested. It is a powerful summer tyres whose tread compound consists of a high percentage of silica. A using developed by nanotechnology profile ensures that the Yokohama S Drive AS01 its properties does not lose even with high track temperatures. Differently angled tread grooves offer particularly good grip in the corners, but also ensure effective drainage of water.

Yokohama S Drive AS01 is a sport tyre that ensures extreme fun. Security is preceded of course what the S Drive AS01 also proves in numerous tests. An outstanding grip at high speeds and improved braking performance speak for this tyre. With Yokohama winter tyres of the same driving fun during the cold season is guaranteed.

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