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Yokohama BluEarth-GT (AE51) Tyres

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Yokohama tyres Bluearth GT ae51 are a lower priced tyre that works very well so long as they are maintained correctly. They are not cheaply-made tyres, they are fit for purpose and suitable summer tyres that are safe. These are the successor to Bluearth-GT AE50 andare best described as all-round tyres. This means they do not excel in any one area, but also do not let you down in any area other than off-road.

Yokohama Bluearth GT ae51 tyres Characteristics

Suitably fuel efficient if well maintained, and a good summer touring tyre with fair wet-braking grip, these tyres can be used all year round, but work best on dry summer roads. Taking them through cold and icy conditions will not harm them to any great degree, but they are less effective. Even with that said, these are average tyres that out-perform most cheaper and equally-priced tyres, so do not underestimate them when you see the Yokohama Bluearth GT ae51 online.

Yokohama Bluearth GT ae51 price

The Yokohama Bluearth GT ae51 price is pretty low on average. They are a middle-lower to lower-priced tyre, which may put some people off, but they are average performers on wet and dry surfaces, and their fuel efficiency is pretty good too.

If you buy Yokohama Bluearth GT ae51 tyres looking for cheap disposable tyres to get you through the summer, then these tyres will suffice, but with just a bit of care and maintenance, you can get more than your money’s worth. In terms of value for money, well maintained tyres will last longer than cheaper ones, all while maintaining their fit-for-purpose effectiveness.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Yokohama Bluearth GT ae51 tyres

Maintain them correctly by keeping them inflated to the right level, keep your wheels balanced, and do not abuse them with heavy weights or poor quality driving; that is all you need to keep these going and get your money’s worth. Unlike what some would call “Cheap” tyres, Bluearth GT ae51 Yokohama have a fair amount of technology behind them. Their unique build compounds helps prevent energy loss while avoiding uneven wearing. Sensible drivers will get the best value for their money from these tyres.

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