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Yokohama A539 Tyres

Yokohama A539 tyres are made to be performance tyres operating in both wet and dry conditions. The tyres are a continuation of Yokohama’s performance tyres with wet grip capability. A performance tyre needs to be capable of handling demanding driving while keeping a certain level of comfort and noise.

The A539 Yokohama do so by using an asymmetric tread design that performs two very vital functions. The first is to repel water while gripping the road surface. The second is unlike other tyres the sipe system is designed to let the tyres accelerate during a turn which means a driver can take their machine to the full and for further.

Why the A539 Yokohama?

Yokohama means to make the A539 the first choice when you think about a summer tyre for passenger cars. The tyres use a combination of compounds in its construction. One of these is silica which increases the wet grip ability of a tyre. The other compounds in the tyre enable it to retain its shape even while going through a range of temperature. Maintaining the right stiffness and being able to travel over challenging surfaces make the tyre a superb driving choice.

The tyres are not simply performance tyres. They are made to be very low wear, meaning they can go for longer while maintaining a healthy life. The tyres are meant to be strong and durable so they churn out consistent performance.

In terms of road comfort the tyres have two main areas of focus. The first is being low noise producing. Again the compositional compounds come into play, they help to lower rolling resistance and since the tyre tread hugs the road the tyres generate less noise. This works in sync with the second area of focus which is ride comfort. The stiffness of the tyre enables it perform at high speeds while being flexible enough to dampening impact which for the Yokohama A539 price make it a bargain.

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