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Yokohama Advan A048 Tyres

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Yokohama Advan A048 Tyres

Yokohama Advan A048 tyres are competition ready tyres with the sole purpose of racing. The tyres are made for performance vehicles and competition vehicles. Although the tyres are street legal to see them in action requires a track. As they are street legal it reduces the amount of equipment that needs to be carried for an event as the car can come rolling in on the Yokohama A084.
The tyres are made to be used on dry tarmac in summer temperature. The compound used in the making of the tyre enables it to operate under a broad range of temperatures even with the hot summer sun heating up the asphalt.

Track the time with Yokohama A084

Yokohama A048 Advan provide superb grip and make an easy transition between straight line and corners. The tread design is laid out in a manner to enable the tyre to go from sprinting in a straight line to sharp cornering without any loss of traction.

The tyres use a race-ready compound which grips on to the track with no intention of letting go. The compound is aimed to reduce track times in short track competition by providing the same handling throughout the lap. The predictable handling helps the driver to build more confidence about the tyres which helps to keep the driver safe and the car to go faster.

Size and price of Yokohama Advan A048 Tyres

Yokohama Advan A048 price in comparison to consumer tyres is way up the scale. In terms of performance tyres the price is affordable and as Yokohama adheres to strict quality requirements it is worth the investment.

The Advan A048 sizes start from thirteen inches and as the size changes so does the price. The difference in price from one size to another depends on the amount it sells but all tyres will be sporting the single block design aimed to make the tyre stiff and handle with precision.

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Yokohama Advan A048

Yokohama is among the world’s top tyre manufacturing companies operating with excellence since 1961 and are continually progressing to maintain their standard in today’s market. Yokohama A048 is a quality brand of Yokohama. These are summer tyres and are mainly used for racing purposes as they have good grip and strength.

Due to great tread pattern in these tyres, they have maximum gripping even under a variety of temperature ranges. The special compound used in tread of these tyres provides adhesion to the road and makes them flexible for a wide range of temperature changes while driving, but when these tyres are not in use they should be stored above 14 degree Fahrenheit temperature to avoid cracks on the sidewalls of the tyre. Greater cracks on the sidewalls due to storing below 14F may cause serious problems if remain unconcerned and can be fatal. These tyres contain special compounds which are used in these tyres to enhance strength and traction, which become brittle at low temperature and cause cracking in these tyres, therefore it is recommended by the Company not to store Yokohama A048 at temperatures below freezing point.

Yokohama A048 has a cornering contact patch on its surface which allows the tyre to have good cornering at high speed, driver does not have to reduce the speed of the vehicle while cornering with these tyres.

Yokohama A048 has excellent, outstanding and best dry traction among all the brands of Yokohama. The great tread pattern of these tyres allows them to have maximum traction on dry pavements and tarmac pathways. These tyres give best results on unpaved, rough, gravel roads. The cutting edge design of these tyres gives greater control during high speed transitions. These tyres have a foreseeable level of traction at high slip angles.

Yokohama A048 has a single block design through all the tread in order to provide enhanced grip and enhanced cornering. These tyres do not have good results on wet surface because of the tread pattern as it does not allow to drain water through them, which may cause slipping due to increased hydroplaning (lubrication of water that cause the tyre to lose traction) and is not safe for the driver.

Yokohama A048 is a bit noisy and but with so many quality performances this tyre is an ideal choice for racing devotees.

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