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Goodyear Cargo G26 - a reliable van tyres

The good Once thing is, Goodyear Cargo G26 receives consistently satisfactory test results and can be done well in everyday use. This is particularly important because it is a van tyre is, the course a little more is demanded as a conventional car tyres.

Goodyear Cargo G26 is particularly stable driving

So the tyres Goodyear Cargo G26 is very reliable and stable driving on a dry road, but has little aquaplaning weaknesses and deficiencies in the driving noise. In general, however, can make tyres quite impressive with premium models of Michelin or Continental measure - especially when the very good price-performance ratio is contemplated.

Goodyear Cargo G26: a summer tyre for each claim

The current collection of available summer tyres Series Goodyear Cargo G26 encompasses virtually all popular tyre sizes and sizes. Before buying new car tyres can help with tyre choice or special size-related test results of ADAC or Stiftung Warentest. Essentially, however, be noted that the Goodyear Cargo G26 has a good performance, even if a car was heavily loaded. Another plus is the uniform and very resistant grip.

Ultimately, it can be determined that it is a tyre is the Goodyear Cargo G26, which can be done well in an average performance even in commercial terms. Important to note here, however, that it is a pure van tyres, of course, can not be mounted on a normal car.

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Goodyear Cargo G26: Summer tyres for vans

The summer tyres as standard Goodyear Cargo G26 are excellent van tyres and are used inter alia for the vehicles Ford Transit and Renault Traffic as original equipment.

Goodyear - experience and progress for the perfect tyre

Why a buyer should choose the brand tyres Goodyear decide? Firstly: because the American company Goodyear tyre and Rubber Company can look back on a more than 110-year history and thus has a lot of experience on customer requirements and the production of tyres. This knowledge makes itself directly in the quality of the tyre model noticeable why Goodyear tyres at the best tyres include worldwide. Another plus is that Goodyear also in the 21st century on the pulse remains the time and is the most modern technology and providing excellent customer contact ahead of the competition. Last but not least is the additional fantastic price-performance ratio, because Goodyear tyres stand for highest quality and an exceptionally long life.

Optimal wet adhesion and high mileage

Summer tyres for vans have to deliver a compelling performance both on dry pavement and wet conditions. Of the actual braking performance to traction all should agree and the price should not be too high. In the case of truck tyres Series Goodyear Cargo G26 this points to take all. The internationally known manufacturer Goodyear tyres achieve especially in the wet grip Optima. In EU tyre label are the Goodyear Cargo G26 marked with Class B (AG). Stopping distances on wet roads also falls very low, and the handling is precise. The tyres are tubeless and therefore have an increased mileage.

The Goodyear Cargo G26 vans tyres have high traction on wet and dry surfaces. This convince the tyres with good results in the field of braking and handling. In addition, the Goodyear Cargo G26 quality offered in relation to, quite inexpensive.

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