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Zeta tyres - Quality and Innovation

Zeta car tyre provides maximum safety even in critical driving situations. This is ensured by the high quality of all models from the one to Zeta can convince myself thoroughly.

High traction and perfect ride comfort

The models of the Chinese tyre manufacturer Zeta points in all major categories. So they have thanks to the directional tread profile and the circumferential center rib has a nearly perfect directional stability and a direct steering response. In addition, the special rubber compound for low rolling resistance and a good dry handling provides. Intensive research in recent years, the rolling resistance could be minimized again, so that also catered for a quiet and safe ride. Thanks to the wide range also encompasses all customer requests and assets to be covered in any case. There are, for example, the popular Summer tyres Zeta ZTR-20, which each drive can be a special pleasure with its many good handling characteristics and high quality materials.

Full range for all tastes

The tyre brand Zeta belongs to the prestigious Group SD International. This was established in 2002 in Shanghai and could become one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the course of the decade. There are now numerous sales offices in Europe, Asia and America who sell the popular Zeta car tyres successfully. Under the umbrella of the Group are located next to the brand Zeta Other popular manufacturers like Pace , Briland, AutoGuard and Maxtrek . The wide range of models covers all customer requirements, so that something can be found for every taste. Under Zeta you can find the popular Zeta car tyres from the series ZTR 10 and countless other models that are suitable for all vehicle types.

Quality with simultaneous maximum ride comfort - no wonder that Zeta car tyres are so popular. Because the models of Chinese tyre brand score with their low rolling resistance, which directly responsive steering and perfect handling.

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