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Yokohama Car Tyres

The car tyres yokohama brand is a good choice for those who want tyres that they can count on when it comes to all the important components of tyres. These are tyres that are made to last and are comprised of the latest technology. The yokohama car tyres provide excellent safety and performance features. The Yokohama tyre company is in Japan and has been rapidly growing in popularity when it comes to the yokohama tyres for car use.

Yokohama Car Tyres Prices

There are some easy ways to buy yokohama car tyres. Here we have made it super easy to buy yokohama car tyres online. This can sometimes be time consuming for those who are shopping for the best yokohama car tyres prices. It means doing a lot of comparisons because there are so many that are selling these tyres online. To save you time and money we have done all the searching for the best Yokohama car tyres prices and have gathered our findings here for you to easily access. With the click of your mouse you can now get the best tyre prices and make your shopping exercise quick and easy.

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Yokohama tyres

Yokohama tyre provides tyres for all conditions. Whether summer or winter, off-road or on the road. The wide range of the Japanese tyre manufacturer will meet all needs and includes tyres for all categories of vehicles.

Japanese quality for over 100 years

Since the company was founded in 1917 in Japan is Yokohama tyres for excellent quality. As the second largest tyre manufacturer in Japan and number seven worldwide, Yokohama produces tyres in nine factories in Japan and the USA. Almost 18,000 employees ensure that the tyres meet high quality standards. In detailed and elaborate test case are safety, ride and optimum braking performance at the center. The Japanese tyre manufacturer is known for innovation. So Yokohama tyres was among the first manufacturers of car tyres, which introduced an asymmetric tread pattern.

A wide range of products for all needs

Yokohama tyre offers a wide range of different tyres. In addition to summer and winter tyres for passenger cars and off-road vehicles, including truck tyres, racing tyres and tyres for construction vehicles product portfolio. The racing tyres Yokohama currently come in racing series like the ADAC GT Masters, the Formula 3 or the Fia Word Touring Car Championship for use. In the current ADAC summer tyre test 2012 could convince with good results Yokohama tyres. The energy-saving model AE-01 was the best score on dry pavement, the Yokohama 2 won in wet conditions. The winter tyres achieve good test results regularly.

With innovative technologies and elaborate quality assurance provides Yokohama tyres sports car tyres ago that ensure a good driving comfort and high safety standards.

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