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185/55 R15

These tyres are highly comfortable and provide alluring and great features. Gripping quality is best.  They are quite comfortable and enjoyable while driving.  Their performance in enhanced in wet and snowy weather as it swiftly drains water and grips well on snowy roads.

The tread pattern is designed in a manner that it can travel long distances very smoothly and swiftly. They are road friendly and grip well to rocky and bumpy roads. The best quality is they don't wear out easily, these can drive long miles without being damaged easily. They have very efficient gripping system. A soft compound is used in making of the tyre and their sidewalls are soft which enhances the smoothness of ride. A perfect tyre with even wear and good tread pattern. Highly suggested for country roads and can tolerate the harsh and hot conditions of the road. Overall a good product for drivers.

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What Does Tyre Size Mean?

To someone who is a novice regarding tyres, simply looking at the sidewall of a tyre which contains a set of numbers and letters means nothing to them. Within these numbers and letters the size of the tyre is identified. Understanding the code is important. When looking at the tyre code of 185/55/R15 tyres the numbers identify the cross section width, the aspect ratio, the construction type, the rim, and the load index. Tyre size is located on the sidewall of the tyre, on a sticker inside door of the driver`s side and also in the vehicle manual of the car. 

Cross Section Width 

The cross section width of 185/55/15 tyres identified in the first three digits, 185. This means the section width of the tyre is 185 millimetres from the inner to the outer of the sidewalls. 

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of the tyres 185/55/R15 is identified by the number 55. This refers to the height of the sidewall. This means the sidewall height is equal to 55% of the 185 millimetres width. The larger the aspect ratio, which means the larger the sidewall will be. 

Construction Type

In tyres 185/55/R15 , the letter R represents the construction of the tyre, identifying it as radial construction. There are also bias and bias belted constructed tyres however radial is the standard construction of tyres on passenger vehicles. 


The rim size which is measured in inches are the two numbers to the right of the construction type. In case of 185/55/R15 tyres the rim diameter is 15 inches. Which makes this a 15 inch wheel. 

Load Index

The numbers following the size of the rim identify the maximum load measured in kilograms that the tyre can support. 

Speed Symbol

The last letter in the tyre code indicates what the maximum speed the tyres can endure. 

Various Types Of 185/55/R15 Tyres

There are many types of tyres 185/55/15 tyres available to choose from. There are all season, weather control, CrossClimate, MultiContro, Performance and Winter tyres. 

Why Is It Important To Stay With The Manufacturer's Recommended Tyre Size?

If your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation wheel size is 185/55/R15 it is very important to stay with this tyre size. Issues which can occur from using other tyre sizes are:

  • Reduced Comfort
  • Larger Fuel Consumption
  • Higher noise Levels
  • Possible damage to tyres and rims
  • Increased aquaplaning
  • Reduced traction

Can 185/55/R15 Tyres Be Used On Various Vehicles?

Yes, absolutely. The following vehicles use tyres 185/55/R15. The Mazda2, years 2011 to 2014, The Toyota MR2 Spyder, The Fiat 500, 500c, and 500 e (specific year models) and Chevrolet Spark, Spark EV, Aveo, Aveo 5 (specific year models). 

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