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Nokian Tyres supplies innovative tyres for cars, trucks and special heavy machinery mainly in areas with special challenges for tyre performance: snow, forests and harsh driving conditions in different seasons.
A member of Nokian Tyres group, the tyre chain Vianor operates as a wholesaler and a retailer in Nokian Tyres’ core markets.
Nokian Line –performance on wet roads, aquaplaning prevention, maximum wet grip, safe and economical
Nokian zLine –this tyre responds to steering and maintains a perfect feel for the road under all conditions, quiet ride
Nokian i3 –good grip in wet conditions, resistant to aquaplaning, better fuel economy
• Nokian WR D4 =better grip on wet, dry, snow covered roads, aquaplaning preventions, better stability
Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 –provides a powerful grip on road under all winter conditions, better fuel economy, noise reduction for quieter ride, longer tread life
Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 –fuel savings, safe non-studded tyre on snow and ice, better handling
Nokian WR D3 –proves reliable on wet or dry roads. Effective aquaplaning prevention, better fuel savings
Nokian WR A3 –better grip under all conditions, stability and control, fuel savings,
Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 –gives better grip on snow wet and icy surfaces, noise reduction for quiet ride,
SUV 4X4s
• Nokian Line SUV –summer tyre providing durability, fuel efficient, wet roads safety
• Nokian Line SUV –for small and medium sized SUVs gives driving comfort, durability, and versatile performance
Nokian Z SUV –gives better grip in demanding conditions and on wet surfaces, less noise from tyre on road
• Nokian Rotiiva HT –provides stability, safety on various roads and weather conditions, long wear
Nokian Rotiiva AT –provides stability both on road and off, durability
• Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus –excellent on road but will handle light off-roading, improved stability and long tread life
• Nokian HT SUV –gives better grip on all kinds of surfaces, durability
• Nokian WR SUV 3 –prevention of aquaplaning, better grip on wet snowy or dry surfaces giving better stability
• Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV –sturdy and durable, stability in winter conditions, tough grip on icy snowy and wet roads
• Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 SUV –provides a better grip in varying conditions, stability, sturdy tread for longer life
• Nokian cLine Van –resists wear, good grip in wet conditions, better stability even with heavy loads
• Nokian cLine Cargo –good grip and control, better stability, resists wear
• Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2 –positive grip in demanding conditions, excellent stability and durability
• Nokian WR C3 –excellent durability even with heavy loads, more stability, better winter safety
• Nokian WR C Van –good wet grip, stable handling on all types of surfaces, works good in slush, reduced noise
• Nokian WR C Cargo –better grip under all conditions, more stable even with heavier loads


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Nokian Tyres History Timeline

The roots of Nokian Tyres goes back to 1898 when the Finnish Tyre Factory was established. In 1934 The Weather tyre, the world's first winter tyre was produced. In 2005 Nokian Tyres established another factory in Russia. However in 1988 Nokian Tyres was founded. In 2015 Nokian produced the world's first winter tyre with wet grip and fuel efficiency in the EU tyre labelès best A Class. In 2017 Nokian Tyres developed a new generation selection of studded tyres. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 and the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV. In 2018 Nokian tyres celebrated its 120 year milestone in the tyre industry. The best nokian tyres are their line of winter tyres. 

Why You Will Like the Nokian Tyres Price

With over 100 years of tyre production experience you will not mind paying the Nokian tyres price. The safe driving and peace of mind you will receive with owning these tyres is priceless. Nokian tyres plan on keeping up with revolutionary changes of the future. Their technology will meet the needs of future self driving electric cars, smart traffic technology and bio friendly winter tyres. Even when you choose to buy cheap nokian tyres, perhaps used ones, you can be rest assured you are getting the best bang for your buck. The Nokian tyres price reflects the great quality and performance these tyres offer. 

What to Consider When You Buy Nokian Tyres

Whether you are young, middle-aged, in your golden years, rich, middle class or on a tight budget, everyone will look for the best price on Nokian tyres. For most people that is just how we operate. Do some research to see if you can find some Nokian tyres offers. This will help save you money. To determine if it is time to buy Nokian tyres, check your tread on your tyres.Your tyre tread must be more than 2é32 of an inch deep for safe driving. If you are not familiar with this, have your mechanic check your tyres for you. Along with tread checks also inspect your tyres for cracks, splits, punctures and bulges. If you plan on doing some off road adventures you will need off road tyres which are specially engineered for this purpose. If you are the type of driver that uses your accelerator more than the brakes you don't need tyres which are designed for high performance, grip and handling. With the highly technological vehicles now available it is important to select the right tyres and keep them well maintained to keep you secure on the road. Another consideration is the method you use for shopping for these tyres. You can choose to buy Nokian tyres online for a time saving convenience. Check out our website for the easiest way to shop online. Our mission is to save you time and money by researching the best possible Nokian tyres and direct links to access these great deals.  

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