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What You Need To Know About 225 45 R18 Tyres

If you are getting ready to replace your summer tyres then you have some great choices ahead of you for the best 225 45 r18 tyres. It is well worth taking your time to make sure you get the 225 45 x 18 tyres that suit your specific needs.

Tips For 225 45 18 Tyres

If you are new to buying 225 x 45 x 18 tyres then these few tips will make the process much easier for you. First, you may be tempted to just go with a Brand whose name you recognize. Keep in mind that there are many top quality tyre providers many of which manufacture the 225 x 45 x 18 tyres. Not only that there are different versions of the 225 x 45 r18 tyres. This means that anyone that wants to buy 225 45 r18 tyres needs to do their homework first. Before making a decision based on a specific brand consider what you want from these tyres. You are looking at summer driving conditions. This means you want tyres that are going to perform exceptionally well with high heat as well as wet conditions. Safety features are going to be the main feature that you want to look at.

The major differences that you will notice among the brands are the treads and the tyre compounds. You can do comparisons of these to see which appeals to you the most. Then you can take a look at the conveniences that come with each of the 225 45 r18 tyres choices. You will want to consider durability, ratings, and how efficient they are when it comes to fuel consumption.

Finding The Best 225 45 R18 Tyres Price

The next thing to consider is the 225 45r18 tyres best price. You will find some differences among these too. Shopping online for the 225 45r18 price options is the best way to go about buying tyres. We have made this a simple process with our tyre comparison feature here. Not only will you immediately see what the best 225 45r18 tyres prices are you will be privy to a lot more important information. All of which is going to allow you to make an informed decision in as little time as possible. We are pleased to be able to offer this service and hope that you will take advantage of it. 

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225/45 R18

Cooper Zeon CS Sport, Nokian WR A3 and Accelera X Grip all of these three are tyre of size 225/45/18 with a good grip and firm steering. The first tyre is a summer Ultra high performance tyre with the average reviewing of 93% over a distance of 23,000 has a dry grip of 98% and a wet grip of 100%, are very much quiet, comfortable and provides a strong grip. It has progressiveness of 68% and comfort of 98%. The second type of tyre is a winter Ultra high performance tyre with the dry grip of 93% and a wet grip 0f 91% with dry braking, shortest stooping and good precision of steering. It has a comfort of 93% and progressiveness of 88%. The last type of tyre, Accelera X grip is a winter touring tyre with a dry grip of 90% and a wet grip of 80%. It has a good wear of 90% and are reasonable.

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