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Westlake car tyres - tyres for all tastes

tyres from Westlake are already popular with millions of vehicle owners from around the world. No wonder, the manufacturer offers a wide range of high quality models that satisfies all customer needs. On Westlake can convince himself thereof.

Wide range of quality tyres

Whether for summer or winter, Westlake tyres are always worth a buy recommendation worth. Because the models of the renowned tyre manufacturer provide comprehensive security and high driving stability on dry and wet roads. For the sophisticated tread pattern of Westlake car tyres, which ensures with the numerous sipes high road contact and makes the handling once more makes. By directional tread with large grooves water or snow can swiftly and effectively, providing a high level of grip on the road. Popular example, the Westlake tyres Serie Snowmaster which is also available in Westlake are to find. In addition to these high-quality winter tyres, there is also a wide range of qualitative summer tyre.

Successful for over 50 years

The tyre manufacturer Westlake manufactures since 1958 high-quality tyres for all tastes. Thanks to the high quality and wide range, the company is one of the fastest growing producers of tyres for cars and trucks. There is a wide range of Westlake tyres for off-road vehicles, which on West Lake can be found. Thanks to the wide know-how in the manufacture of tyres and of modern industrial technology and are all Westlake tyres have a high quality, which is now estimated by Asian, Australian, European and US customers to a great extent.

Westlake car tyres are not only appreciated by experts due to the particular fin arrangement, the good handling and the high grip levels. Thanks to the wide range of models, the Westlake tyres enjoy long and great popularity with customers from around the world.

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