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Sonar tyres: Proven Asian products

The company Sonar manufactures its car tyres in China and provided by not only the Middle Kingdom, but also many European countries and North America. Sonar tyres convincing case through its long history, can be has become one of the leading tyre manufacturers the house.

Sonar tyres: Reliability is priority

In China, many tyre manufacturers have established over the past ten years, they are to compete with the large companies from America, Europe and Japan. Sonar is not among them: The house is already more than 25 years on the market and could prove their worth by a special quality: Everyone who buys one of the car tyres of the house, at the same time also acquires high reliability. Sonar tyres able to survive not only the market but gain more and more followers, because the models live long and rarely have a defect.

Sonar tyres for any purpose

As with any company that so long is already on the market, also applies to the Sonar tyres that their selection has grown steadily over the years. This enables customers to not only summer tyre track, but also winter tyres and all-season tyres. At the same time the models are suitable for larger vehicles (up to SUVs and vans ) and have all the necessary certifications to go anywhere in the world can. The processing of the tyre is high quality and the profile remains visible for years and is for example able to evacuate large quantities of water at hand.

Who are looking for tyre models, which stand for quality and reliability, makes the sonar car tyres of a suitable handle. These are produced in China for more than 25 years and have evolved over time to a fixed size on the tyre markets. They are suitable for all vehicle types and come up with any normal weather conditions cope. Especially for German car drivers who want to solve the "specified tyres" for years, they therefore are very suitable.

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