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Riken tyres - aesthetically and qualitatively

The tyre manufacturer Riken manufactures many decades quality tyre that can also come up with a highly attractive design. Riken offers a wide range of the popular models.

Attractive design and good quality

Whether for summer or winter - the Japanese brand Riken has in its extensive range countless models that can be used in all seasons wonderful. Moreover Riken tyres can still score points with their good quality: Thanks to the sophisticated technology for good handling and provided excellent traction. The low rolling resistance and minimal rolling noise also contribute to a high level of comfort in using. We should also mention the attractive profile design of Riken tyres, from which one also on Riken can convince himself.

Popular and renowned

The Riken brand has become part of internationally highly renowned group Michelin . The beginnings of the company, however, are found in Japan, where the company Riken Gomu Industry was working in the field of chemical research and science since 1917th Later the product range was expanded and under the name of Riken qualitative tyres were soon made. This has been extremely successful and soon after were Riken tyres and look for the United States and Europe. Since 1992, the brand belongs to the prestigious Michelin Group, considered the world's leading tyre manufacturer. This focused on quality, technology and innovation, which also affects Riken tyres immediate effect has always been great value. These also have a high level of quality and an aesthetic design, which can be clearly seen at Riken.

Ästhethisch and high - no wonder that Riken tyres long been able to enjoy great international popular. In the manufacturing process, the company can benefit from the broad expertise of the parent company Michelin, what the quality of Riken tyres again comes clearly benefit. Popular and known Riken truck tyres are the products of the series Extengo

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