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Petlas car tyres - high comfort and comprehensive driving stability

The Turkish tyre manufacturer Petlas is hardly an integral part of the domestic tyre market. No wonder, but appreciate the high quality and consistent price-performance ratio of the models very countless customers. On Petlas it is thanks to the good selection certainly a matching Petlas tyres prepared for his vehicle.

Low rolling resistance and special profile design

Petlas tyres are known not only in Turkey because of their high quality. Motorists from all over the world appreciate the low rolling resistance and increased grip, which is achieved by a complex, specially developed tyres architecture. For the overall good performance also contributes to the optimized rubber compound that could be continuously improved in recent years thanks to intensive research. This also led to a shorter braking distance and ensures full stability. Also noteworthy is the directional tread, which contributes to excellent traction and a good handling to a high degree with. On Petlas there is a comprehensive range of models, which are the most diverse customer requirements.

From producer for the military to Volksmarke

The beginnings of the company founded in 1976 lie in the military sphere: Originally supplied the Turkish producers the army with tyres for their military aircraft. This is still the case today, but thanks to the great success, the company was able to expand significantly and was increasingly becoming the popular brand. Petlas pursues a corporate policy of "Total Quality Management": quality is therefore very important in all stages of production and during the production process. This is achieved through its own research and development department, which contributes with its findings to the high quality. That is also why Petlas car tyres with numerous certifications such as DOT, ISO 9001 and E-Mark can decorate. On Petlas there is a wide selection of popular models.

Motorists are thanks to the selection of models in Petlas surely find it. For a comfortable ride and a comprehensive driving stability make the numerous outstanding operating characteristics, have the all models.

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