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Pace Car tyres - innovative and high quality

The Chinese manufacturer Pace models can convince in many ways. Thanks to the high quality, which is achieved through strict safety and quality standards, Pace Car tyres are not only in expert circles as highly recommended. On Pace There are a wide range of different models that are suitable for almost every type of vehicle.

Great variety and fair price-performance ratio

Whether for summer or winter, for cars, offroad, SUV or 4x4 - Pace is something for everyone thanks to the large selection of safety. Notable is the high quality of all Pace Car tyres, which is guaranteed by the strict controls and high standards. To keep the products made by Pace also stood the strict European and US criteria. Is also worth mentioning the innovative technology and the low wear of the Pace Car tyres, which guarantee a long life. Under Pace there are among others the popular series PC for the summer and the Antarctica series for the winter, which contribute to driving pleasure with.

Successful and competent

Although the company was only founded in 2002, it has to a very good reputation as a producer of high-quality Pace acquire car tyres within this short time, not only in professional circles. The manufacturer with headquarters in Shanghai could therefore expand its range steadily and now has several sales and offices in numerous countries worldwide. The company places in addition to a high level of quality is always also be emphasis on a fair price-performance ratio - no matter at what pace car tyres is. The customer can therefore benefit from numerous advantages - such as on Pace .

High standards and strict testing criteria shall ensure that all Pace Car tyres can have a high level of quality. The models are characterized by their efficiency, low wear and long life, which contribute to maximum driving fun with.

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