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Novex tyres - a powerful alternative

Novex tyres are available in over 200 sizes and in a variety of styles. Under this label, summer, winter and all-season tyres for various types of vehicles are manufactured. In Tyres.NET a selection of multiform tyres is Novex seen.

Strong tyres for trucks, cars and vans

The powerful car tyres Novex are for vans , ATVs a good alternative, trucks and cars. They are produced by the renowned Maxxis in Asia. The Taiwanese tyre manufacturer is since the 70s and has since successfully internationally. He has numerous sales offices in Europe and overseas. Therefore Novex car tyres in Germany and Holland to buy, where they are in high demand. The extensive range of car tyres Novex include High Performance tyres with asymmetrical profiles, caravan tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. Their favorable properties profile Novex car tyres are very competitive. They are used even for SUVs and racing cars. The powerful asymmetric summer tyres Novex are characterized by good adhesion and sustainability. They are a good choice for retrofitting cars.

Novis car tyres for many vehicle types

The good price-performance ratio makes Novis tyres for a number of different vehicle types interesting. This includes cars, caravans, trailers, vans and multi-purpose vehicles. The Novex tyres for Automobiles offer high performance and long service life. Hervorzueben is its innovative tread design. They are characterized by low Fahrgräusche, a good train on curvy and straight roads and good handling. In addition, Novex to performance tyres for trucks and vans that guarantee a comfortable ride even with heavy loads. Innovative V-profile ensure good water drainage and smooth ride. The all-season tyres Novex offer high performance in winter and in summer.

Novex car tyres are sturdy and durable. They also provide for vehicles with higher weight for good handling characteristics.

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