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Kormoran tyres - Quality Affordable

Good traction and grip - with Cormorant car tyres you're always travel safely and comfortably. Whether for the hot season or for bitter cold winter days, at Cormorant everyone will definitely find a suitable model for his vehicle.

Good runnability and comprehensive stability

The tyre manufacturer Cormorant is a wonderful example of that affordability need not come at the expense of quality. Because Kormoran car tyres are characterized by a good adhesion and a remarkable traction that make each drive safely and comfortably. Especially popular are the models of tyres for trucks and buses, but there are now a wide range of Kormoran tyres for passenger cars. Various product lines such as the world's popular series Impulser which is also available in Cormorant is to purchase, cover all customer needs comprehensively.

A Franco-Polish alliance success

The Kormoran brand has become part of international highly successful tyre manufacturer Michelin and could also thanks to this cooperation, secure a significant market share in the European market. In addition, the Polish company can also benefit from the great know-how of the world's largest tyre producer. During the manufacturing process the strict safety and quality standards of the French parent company are adopted. Furthermore, can be found in the product range of Kormoran some former models of Michelin, the experience under Kormoran a second spring. No wonder that more and more customers opt for the high-quality as cheap Kormoran tyres. There are products for a variety of applications: So can under Kormoran a wide range of summer tyres and found also for the cold season is certainly a suitable model it.

High quality at an unbeatable price - no wonder that Kormoran tyres are so popular. Because the subsidiary of the renowned manufacturer Michelin manufactures summer and winter tyres, convince with its numerous good running properties and the extremely attractive price-performance ratio in any case.

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