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Goodride tyres - safety thanks to the highest quality

The car tyre made by Goodride apply not only in professional circles as particularly secure. The customers appreciate the high quality of all models, which on Good Ride is to purchase in a wide range.

A tyre concept of a special kind

especially when used car tyres safety and stability are particularly important. Therefore, the quality of the model should be taken before making a purchase under the microscope. Good Ride tyres will pass this test for sure. Because this tyre manufacturer pays special attention to the safety of customers and tests its products unceasingly for damage and defects that have occurred possibly during the production phase. During the manufacturing process each Goodride tyres accurate maintenance is performed instead, which includes numerous tests. In addition, the company used a large part of its annual budget for research and control of materials used. The result is high quality Goodride tyres that convince with numerous good handling characteristics and a long life. On Goodride one can find the popular Good Ride tyres.

Goodride - worldwide success for over 50 years

The Chinese company can look back on a long history: For over 50 years, quality car Goodride car tyres are produced. Was this initially available only in the Asian market, the products are far sold around the world. A special attention is given to the US as well as in the European market. On Good Ride can also acquire the quality Goodride tyres that are certified in accordance with ECE in the European market.

Goodride tyres can be classified as extremely safe. No wonder, each model must undergo an extensive testing process in order to ensure maximum safety and driving stability. Thanks to the many good handling characteristics and the high-quality materials, each drive with Goodride tyres at a very special pleasure.

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