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A classic: Federal tyres

Federal is probably most people a term, even if they have sometimes not been intensively with the topic of car tyres apart. Federal stands for quality, for a reason, the tyre manufacturer for many years his place at the highly competitive automotive market has secured. Federal tyres are therefore a good choice for those who like to fall back on old proven products.

Proven and confirmed quality

The terms Federal tyres and General Motors are closely linked. General Motors equips in the past of all its vehicles with high-quality Federal tyres. But not only this vehicle manufacturer relies on the good quality. Among other things, Ford confirms the consistent quality of Federal tyres and uses these in its vehicles. In addition to the selection of summer and winter tyres are Federal tyres popular with the tyres of vans. Federal tyres there for Transportation in large selection, for almost all widths and sizes suitable tyres are available. In addition, SUV drivers benefit from the proven quality tyres because Federal tyres is also specially designed for off-road vehicles.

A cheap alternative

The range of Federal tyres includes not only the standard range many special tyres that are especially interesting for owners or drivers of commercial vehicles. The cheap alternative are Hero tyres . These car tyres are manufactured in China, but have a daughter firm of Federal tyres. They are less known and therefore do not enjoy the same reputation as Federal tyres. Nevertheless, customers can confidently assume that these tyres were manufactured with the same expertise as those of the parent company.

Federal tyres are most people a concept and for good reason: The tyre speak for a high quality and long service life. Not only Ford and General Motors knew why they rely on these tyres.

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