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Evergreen Car Tyres

Evergreen car tyres was established in 1995 by Guang tong rubber and Plastic factory. Evergreen’s top priority is their innovative technology for making a clean earth and bright future for sustainable tires and for generations of driving to come. Evergreen is all about the future, they want the future of driving to be Evergreen by having the ultimate experience with tailored engineering so that the car, driver and tires work perfect together to drive to the future. Evergreen focus is to make the world of driving a safe and comforting experience while giving you a great adventurous and exhilarating experience as well.

Evergreen Car Tyre Prices

A great reason to buy Evergreen car tyres is because of the vision they have for providing the safest and most reliable tires for drivers of today and the future. A great place to purchase Evergreen car tyres online is they offer great deals on Evergreen tyres for cars and many other vehicle types. Seasonal car tyres Evergreen offer are summer, winter and all-season tyres. A big series of summer tyres Evergreen offers is the EH series.The EH series features are comfort, economy, handling and safety. The EH series starts at 40.00 ₤ topping at 70.00 ₤. For their Winter tyres they have the EW series which features some of the same components as the summer series which is handling, braking, snow and safety. The pricing for the EW series starts at 40.00 ₤ making upwards of 70.00 ₤ depending on your vehicle make and model. 

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Evergreen tyres

Evergreen is one of the leading tyre manufacturers worldwide. Evergreen Car tyres are characterized by high quality and a wide range of applications.

Evergreen tyres for high quality at a low price

The company Evergreen is probably one of the most famous tyre manufacturer from China. It was founded in 1995 in a Chinese province. Since then, the manufacturer grew with incredible rapidity, until it became the leading name in China and far outside the country. The enormous growth was not unpaid. Evergreen now exported to over 70 countries tyres of any kind this one rule above all others. It does not matter in which country the products are exported, the quality must always be right. Therefore, it is no wonder that Evergreen car tyres are so popular with customers. The manufacturer also convinces with low prices and a generous range of summer and winter tyres for various car models. In Tyres.NET most of these tyre models are under the following link available.

Best Evergreen tyres

The offer of Evergreen car tyres at Tyres.NET contains the known models of this brand. This includes the Evergreen EW 66 . The winter tyre with its specially designed profile provides on wet and snowy road for optimum stability of the vehicle. His speed index is H. Accordingly, can be driven with this Evergreen tyres 210 km/h fast. Another model is the EU 72XL summer tyres. It is ideally suited for passenger cars during the warmer months. His profile was developed by Evergreen. It reduces the risk of aquaplaning and ensures incidentally recirculation significantly lower fuel consumption. During high speeds on the highway, this evergreen car tyres is significantly quieter than its competitors. There is more information about these summer tyres here .

Evergreen Car tyres are a quality product, which can be found at a low price in the range of Tyres.NET. The tyres provide optimum safety and enable maximum efficiency in all types of vehicles.

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