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Debica tyres from Polish tradition manufacturer

The tyre manufacturer Debica who his Debica tyres produced in the same Polish city, is a part of the international Goodyear tyre and Rubber Company. Since 1939, the manufacturer mainly produces car tyres for cars and vans. Likewise Debica are car tyres for agricultural and construction machinery produced and exported to over 60 countries. Since Debica's went public in 1991 and was acquired by Goodyear in 1995, the brand was retreaded.

Positive development since the takeover

The acquisition of 66% stake of Debica Goodyear takes a considerable influence on the development of the tyre manufacturer. Meanwhile Debica maintains the world's third largest business and even the largest of the Group's European business. In addition, Goodyear provides new technologies and the necessary financial resources available. A higher quality of car tyres is the immediate result. Therefore Debica tyres are now the market leader in Poland and will also widespread in neighboring European countries. Though they are offered in the lower price range, Debica tyres provide good quality. For this reason, they are also frequently used for initial supply. The Debica PASSIO is a good example of a solid and cheap summer tyres. The tread design prevents hydroplaning and the rubber compound provides good adhesion for compact and Middle Class vehicles.

Good season and winter tyres

From Debica winter tyres and all-season tyres are also produced in good quality. The price range is to settle in the low to mid segment. The Debica NAVIGATOR 2 serves as a model for all-season tyres Debica. Its special rubber compound delivers even when wet and ice optimal results. A sophisticated design also contributes to a better controllability of the vehicle.

tyres Debica settle in the lower price segment, but still offer good properties. As part of the Goodyear Group produces the Polish factory with the knowledge of an international tyre manufacturer. Thus Debica tyres qualitative and affordable alternative.

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