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Barum Car Tyres

Barum car tyres is known for its durable and affordable tyres. For the last 70 years Barum has been providing people with great choices of tyres that are not only economical but having a main focus on durability and mileage which gives you a great benefit for your money. Barum car tyres offer a wide variety of all different types of tyres to suit your needs. The type of car tyres barum offers are summer, all seasons and winter. They have various models of tyres from you to choose from to fit any vehicle.

Barum Car Tyres Prices

Barum car tyres online offers various tyres for affordable prices. Their prices are well worth your money for the durability and the mileage you will get out of them. Barum Bravuris summer tyre model features higher mileage, reduced risk of aquaplaning, safety when braking in the wet and maximum traction and outstanding braking power all for a great affordable price of 52.00 ₤ with a high of 58.00 ₤. Barum tyres for cars are manufactured to a high standard to give you your money's worth while staying at a great reasonable price. Barum all season tyre model Quartaris 5 features good braking performance on snow, effective protection against aquaplaning and precise handling in dry conditions all for a great low price of

40.30 ₤ with a high 57.00 ₤. For Barum’s winter tyres they have a series called the Barum polaris which is great for snow, offering great braking in snow conditions and durability when driving in heavy snow. The Barum polaris series ranges in prices from 31.00 ₤ up to 141.00 ₤ depending on the series of tyre you choose and the brand and make of your vehicle. 

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Barum tyres

The Czech tyre producer Barum could fight with its summer, winter and all-season tyres in the course of the last two decades a good value in the tyre market. The products from Barum have proven over time to be a good life tyres for the price-conscious car owners.

Barum tyres - a Czech success story

tyres from Barum are in the market for more than 65 years. The company's success story began in 1945 when merged in the three largest rubber producer of Tschechosloswakei Bata, Rubena and Mitas in Otrovice to cooperate. Lange, the company was still largely unknown. However, this changed in 1993 when Barum with Continental AG a joint venture agreement completed, one year later, the German partner bought at Barum. Barum has since part of Continental AG, whereby the visibility of the company could significantly increase in Germany and in Europe.

Barum tyres - high quality at a good price

Meanwhile Barum are summer, winter and all-season tyres in many countries expelled. Particularly through the transfer of technology of Continental AG, tyres could win from the home Barum a permanent place not only in the German tyre market. Today tyres of Barum as good everyday tyres for the price-conscious car owners are known. The company enjoys a solid sales structure and is located in the range of countless local dealer. A particularly popular summer tyres, for example, the Bravuris 2, to score as all-round athlete in several tests good results. Even the cheap Barum tyres Brillantis, an everyday tyre, has evolved through the good quality one of the best seller of the company. The famous winter tyres are the Polaris and the SnoVanis.

Thanks to the high quality of the summer, winter and all season tyre to the Czech company was able to acquire a good reputation particularly over the last 20 years. Customers all over Europe appreciate the tyres from Barum, who constantly recommended as suitable travel companion.

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