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Austone tyres - powerful and safe to run

The numerous good running characteristics have contributed to the global popularity of Austone tyre comprising with. The wide choice that is also available in Austone to see, can be certainly a suitable tyre for each vehicle model found.

Good quality at the best price

Austone has particularly specialized in the manufacture of tyres for small and medium-sized trucks and for cars. Equipped with an optimum tread pattern and a strong performance, convince Austone tyre in many ways. They also guarantee comprehensive stability to hydroplaning, a high level of safety and low wear. Of the many good handling characteristics can convince itself Austone each. There are now a wide range of different models. So the tyres Austone CSR 169 applies, for example, as a particularly smooth running and also in the wet, it offers comprehensive security. This also applies to his little brother, the CSR 168, which boasts even with three grooves. The CSR 62 in turn is specifically designed for mid-range cars and also has a long life and good traction. In addition, he can also convince in terms of consumption.

Austone - American-Chinese joint venture

Austone went from a joint venture agreement between the renowned Chinese tyre maker Chengshan and the American company Cooper Tyre forth Company. Both companies have excellent market share in Asia and in the US and thanks to the great success they may increasingly expand further. The cooperation of the two major companies also benefits the quality of Austone tyres due to which can benefit from a wealth of experience. No wonder that the success of Austone tyres, which are also available on Austone, a is so large.

Who qualitative tyres wants to purchase at a reasonable price, is well served with Austone tyre guarantees. Because it contains high-quality tyres for cars and trucks that can score points among others with good traction, optimum tread pattern and a low wear.

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