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Portrait of Apollo tyres

tyres from Apollo stand for quality and functionality. Actually the company has always stood for customer orientation and an attractive price-performance ratio. It concerns with Apollo car tyres to a renowned, Indian vendors, which can especially look back in recent years on a brilliant growth. The company was founded in 1976 and was able to the commercial brand acquired Vredestein establish instrumental in the modern market. The fact that Apollo tyres is thus one of the 15 most important tyre manufacturers in the world today, knowing demanding customers always appreciate.

An impressive career

Since the company was founded Apollo tyres meanwhile several production have been established. Of which, among other things in India, the country which is still the headquarters of Apollo. In addition, in Zimbabwe, in the Netherlands and South Africa. The plan is further, also in Brazil, South America and in other parts of Europe to establish Apollo-Werke. To this end, a budget of around EUR 40 million is to be provided. To date, it is clear not explicitly how great the capabilities in the new plants should be each. However, "leaked" by, for example, that in Brazil a year no fewer than ten million tyres are to be produced. Target of Expandierungsvorhaben it is total, making Apollo car tyres to one of the largest producers of high-quality tyres. An object that speaks in fact for themselves. And the fact is, nevertheless, that since March of the year before last, even the vehicle models VW Polo, which are assembled in India, are equipped with high quality Apollo Tyres.

Apollo - a company on course for success

Currently distributes the performance-based tyre producer in Europe every month tens of thousands of tyres. One gives the corresponding statistics faith, it makes up about one third of the total company turnover. Usually it is the low price, with which can achieve long-term success at the often highly competitive market. And so cavort now numerous low-supplier of tyres in the European and particularly the Asian market. However, there are rarely the most part hard quality tests. Anders, however Apollo: So convinced the company not only through a comprehensive technology expertise and highly attractive prices - even by international standards. But also the quality of the summer, winter and all-season tyres convinced. When it comes, for example, robust winter tyres, among other things, the new wet grip tyres play a very important role. Thus, now more than 15 different tyre sizes to have a width between 155-205 millimeters.

Whether for Volkswagen or Skoda - Apollo car tyres are not the low-cost suppliers. But the Indian tyre manufacturer scores again by first-class product quality and an attractive price structure. More and more demanding motorists appreciate this. And so it is probably only a matter of time until Apollo actually occupies one of the top leading positions in the international ranking of the renowned tyre manufacturer.

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