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tyres with 255 60 R17 Dimension: width tyres for SUVs and off-roaders

Who's with his vehicle both on the tarmac and off-road traveling, requires a robust and particularly high-traction tyres. tyres 255 60 R17 Dimension meet these criteria this and are also through their powerful optics. Ideal conditions for SUVs and off-road vehicles such as the BMW X6 and Audi Q7.

An excellent control on asphalt and easy terrain

tyres in 255 60 R17-degree offered by a variety of manufacturers. These include premium provider like Pirelli and Continental as well as cheaper brands, such as Fulda, Nexen or Infinity. The car tyres offer by its wide tread optimal grip on asphalt and off-road usage. For this reason they are often used as tyres for sporty SUVs used. In addition to an excellent braking performance and good steering characteristics tyre of 255 60 R17-segment feature their by their traction strength. Specifically, therefore, the tyre size is designed for high speeds.

Two tyre model with superb handling

Good values ​​ranging wet grip and energy efficiency to achieve the same tyre model Continental Cross Contact UHP and Pirelli SCORPION VERDE . Priced are the tyres 255 60 R17-dimension on the same level and the comfort is similarly high. In EU tyre label the energy efficiency is always marked with the C class. An outstanding value, which represents a fuel-efficient driving experience. In the wet grip tyres series cut even slightly better - Class B. Both the Pirelli tyre and the summer tyre from Continental equipped with the latest technologies in terms of the profile and the rubber compound.

tyres 255 60 R17 size provide excellent braking and steering characteristics and an appealing look. With the summer tyres of series Pirelli Scorpion Verde and Continental ContiCrossContact UHP also are two very fuel-efficient variants in the market.

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