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235/45 R18

The tyres of size 235/45/18 are made for providing optimum performance. With improved direction orientation, these winter tyres are great for a road grip on snowy days. They also work well in other adverse conditions such as dry summers and rainy weathers for these are made for ensuring easy handling and outstanding steering. Promising extreme comfort on the go, experience a safer driving with rolling resistance and absolute control for cornering speed.

With an average reviewing of 95% accounting for the wet grip and 87% for the dry grip when driven for 472,907 miles, these tyres has proven to be quite a reliable choice in the long run. Along with these affordable tyres, there is an element of comfort along with road safety involved, which makes them a good choice for sports activity vehicles as well. Spinning in the smoothest of ways, tyres of the mentioned size can prove to be an excellent companion for various kinds of vehicles, challenging adverse weather conditions at their best.

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