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High-quality budget tyres: 225 60 R15 for the middle class

Law typical of the middle class are the tyres 225 60 R15 division: they can be found on a number of vehicles in the medium and compact class. In this field, the budget tyres dominate.

Unknown brand, proven manufacturing technologies

Many of today's budget brands as submitted by tyre manufacturers that already are partially decades in the business - often as a licensed producer of well-known premium brands on the market. Therefore, many of them have the most advanced manufacturing technology, the standards are adapted to those of the previous license products. So what the earlier Michelin or Goodyear tyres came in 225 60 R15 size on the market, is today perhaps Kumho or Nankang - the quality and the advanced mode of production, there are no difference. In particular, Michelin pursued a proven business model for a long time: The company buys with usually up to 90 percent in smaller tyre manufacturers, it equips with advanced production technology and helps small businesses also help sell the products worldwide. The name Michelin has it no longer stand on the tyres - even though the company is 90 percent owner of the mark.

Brand is not no measure of quality, produced in

It just does not matter from which country the tyres - whether in 225 60 R15 or a different size - comes. Especially the premium brands have also previously can be produced even in Southeast Asia - no matter which brand name is actually on the summer or winter tyres is. The point is rather, behind it which manufacturer and which technology is used. Some former license producers (eg Hankook) have today even managed as an established brand in the market, as original and as test winner in many tests.

Budget brands are now often the premium manufacturers at least as good - just in so requested dimensions as with tyres in 225 60 R15.

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