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215 55 R18 Car tyres

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215 55 r18

The best 215 55 r18 tyres are top rated for all varieties of weather. They get an A* rating for both harsh cold weather and very hot dry weather. Your average 215 x 55 x 18 tyres are built for SUV vehicles, and several variety of 4X4. These types of tyre are made to last and are designed for safety. They are not cheap tyres, but the upside is that they are built to last. These tyres have a good day-to-day performance rating but are also good for long family journeys and long-distance commuting.

What are 215 55 r18 tyres?

These are typically best suited for summer, but they are all-weather tyres that do not cost added amounts in fuel consumption. They are exceptional in wet weather, and even though they are not off-road tyres, they perform exceptionally well in snow and frost. They are very good for braking in non-ideal weather conditions, which makes them a very safe tyre for larger vehicles. Many brands of tyre have improved up their 215 55 r18 designs, which is why you often see these tyres touted as having better fuel efficiency than their previous generation.

Pros and Cons of 215 55 18 tyres

There are a great many advantages to 215 x 55 r18 tyres. Considering the fact these are not off-road tyres, they do very well in frost, the wet and the rain. Plus, they are pretty fuel efficient. On a scale from A to E, these have a fuel conservation rating of B, which is pretty good. The tyres are fairly noisy at 70db, but that is the price you pay for having tyres with such good grip.

One of the biggest downsides to these tyres is the 215 55 18 price. These are fairly expensive tyres, and if you are going for the high end variety, then you will be paying hundreds to replace your car tyres. The cost may be a little prohibitively high to people who are not planning on keeping the car very long. Otherwise, you will eventually get good value for money if you keep the tyres long enough and care for them correctly.

215 55 r18 tyres price

The 215 55 r18 tyres best price is in the mid-to-higher priced range. These are not cheap and cheerful tyres, these are high performing, relatively fuel conserving, and fairly long-lasting tyres. When you buy 215 55 r18 tyres, you will have to spend hundreds to get your front or back tyres replaced, but they are great value for money.

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