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215 45 R16 Car tyres

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215/45 R16 Tyres

These tyres bring the car to life. They greatly enhance the speed.  These are known to provide a smooth and flowy drive.  The tread pattern of these tyres are designed in such a manner that attracts customers. It has zig zag patterns that gives a driver, balanced and comfortable ride. In dry conditions the handling factor is quite noticeable as it has soft sidewalls. The gripping power of these tyres is beyond awesome.

Braking system is quite efficient and avoids serious accidents. These tyres don't wear out easily, they can travel long distances. These are perfect for snowy weather. Grips tightly and handles well during snow. So over all it can work best in dry as well as in snowy weather. The design and the material of these tyres are eye catching.  These tyres are suggested for the dry conditions. Tolerates heat levels without being worn out.

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