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About Kumho Truck Tyres

Kumho is a global high performance tyre company with over 50 years experience. Some of the best Kumho truck tyres include all season, all terrain, mud terrain, highway terrain, winter and all weather tyres. Kumho is committed to researching and developing new technology to provide customers with the most revolutionary tyres they can purchase. When you buy Kumho truck tyres you can be sure to know their tyres are constructed in an eco-conscious manner. One of Kumho’s missions is to reduce carbon emissions. Kumho has produced the Ecotron tyre for electric vehicles constructed with silica, which is a new type of anti-impact material, which assists in a lower rolling resistance of up to 45%. Kumho truck tyres prices will vary depending on the size and type of tyre you require for your driving needs. 

Buying Kumho Lorry Tyres

Kumho also carries a line of Lorry tyres that are constructed to meet the needs of medium commercial trucks. When you buy Kumho Lorry tyres you will need to decide which type of tyres you need. You can choose from Steer tyres, Drive tyres, trailer tyres, all position tyres, mixed service tyres and Off Road tyres. Whether you are self employed as a truck driver or work under the direction of a company finding the best Kumho lorry tyres price can be difficult. Our website does your comparison shopping for you. You can save a lot of time and money as we also provide direct links to the best deals we have found. 

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Kumho Tyres is one of the largest tyres making organization with its wide network spread over 180 nations and three continents. They started in 1960. They also support motorsport competitions and have manufactured tyres for F1 and furthermore they are the proud official providers to the International Auto GP Open wheel race. Kumho truck tyres offer great wear resistance and the wide groove pattern resists aquaplaning and heat buildup. The wider belt offer better steering performance with greater stability and handling. These tyres are composed of a special tread compound that prevents damage to the tyre like chipping, tearing and cuts thus giving the tyre a longer life.

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