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Sava Intensa SUV - a summer tyre with good adhesion

The Sava Intensa SUV is, as the name implies, is a specially developed for SUVs summer tyres . He scores with a good grip in dry conditions and an attractive price / performance ratio.

want to save energy, but drive SUV

That SUV driving not a cheap pleasure, noted in particular drivers of older cars at the gas station. But as the consumption is anything dimensioned somewhat larger in these heavy and large vehicles. Not for nothing you walk in their home country USA under trucks. Since the tyres are no exception. But as with any other vehicle also applies here: Not at the wrong end product? For as large, heavy vehicles with a high center of gravity just are SUVs particularly critical lateral forces. Unlike designed for high grip sports cars, these vehicles have to break the higher tendency of the construction principle. If then denied the tyres, it's too late. This lesson should ever since the Firestone / Ford Explorer - be learned scandal. With the Sava Intensa SUV a keeper may here effectively prevent.

traveling on a budget and secure with the Sava Intensa SUV

The Sava Intensa SUV is a renowned summer tyres. Therefore, it offers especially in drought good handling and braking characteristics. While there are slight limitations in the wet, as well as the ADAC noted in its independent tests, but for the Sava Tyres is significantly cheaper than its rivals in the premium range. More information on the Sava Intensa SUV, see here .

The Sava Intensa SUV is a budget tyre which boasts a solid handling characteristics (particularly on dry surfaces). You can save and still enjoy the full driving pleasure so well.

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