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GT Radial Savero: Reliable tyres for vans

GT Radial has made ​​a name as a tyre manufacturer in the passenger car segment for a long time. In the production plants in Indonesia and China, however, not only tyres for cars, but also high-quality tyres for other applications are produced. This includes truck tyres that are suitable with their high load capacity and robust treads for the long haul. GT Radial Savero, one of these van tyres, proven by its great reliability.

Reliable tyre for trucks and vans

Vans and vans are almost daily. On the roads Transporter tyres must therefore be extremely reliable in particular. Every day, in all weather conditions they have to provide a consistently good performance. The GT Radial Savero, a summer tyre for vans, this is achieved by its sophisticated tread design and tread innovative technologies. Four longitudinal grooves are responsible for rapid water drainage and prevent hydroplaning effects before. Stable running straight to the GT Radial Savero and device not on wet surfaces to slide.

Economical by slight carcass

For the treads of GT Radial Savero novel silica mixtures. These improve the traction of the van tyres. Whether in dry or in the rain, the GT Radial Savero speaks in all weathers quickly to the brakes. In addition, the tyre has proven to be very economical. The weight of the carcasses is less than in previous models. GT Radial Savero travels by comfortable and consumed by its lighter weight less fuel. Mounted on steel wheels of 16 inch size makes the GT Radial Savero also a good visual impression.

Who's day with vans or vans on the roads, is a reliable tyre wishes. GT Radial Savero proven in any weather situation and precipitated by its low wear.

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